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Progress and quality of texts
Text being edited : Text complete : Proofread and corrected : Proofread by several users :

The icons below may be used to indicate the development status of any text. They may appear on author pages, lists of texts, chapter lists, and any other pages where the information might be useful including talk pages.

  • (Image:25%.svg): There is no guarantee that any part of the text is reliable, at all proofread, or properly formatted. The text may not yet be complete.
  • (Image:50%.svg): The text is apparently complete and mostly formatted, but may still contain errors in content and formatting. Use this if:
    • the text has been scanned by a Wikisource contributor, but not yet proofread.
    • the text has been imported from the Web, and the source is not known to be reliable.
  • (Image:75%.svg): The text is reasonably reliable and properly formatted, and supplied with information about the source. Use this if:
    • the text has been proofread and corrected by one user, who has checked it with a reference edition.
    • the text has been imported from a reliable source (e.g. Project Gutenberg, Gallica) and double-checked for formatting and scanning errors.
  • (Image:100%.svg): The text has been proofread by several users, who have all checked the text with a reference edition. This text is very reliable. The text has been protected from vandalism.

Using these icons makes it easier for readers to check the progress and quality of a text. They also make it easier for contributors to see which texts need improvement (by using the "What links here" toolbox link from the image page in question).

This can also be indicated by placing the icons on the Article tab at the top of the article using the Templat:textquality as appropriate.


Information about the texts[sunting]

Information about the source of a given text, the edition, and the users who uploaded, proofread and corrected the text, can be supplied at the talk page of the text by using the model Templat:Textinfo (talk).

Informasi tentang edisi ini
Edisi: original edition
Sumber: source (website, OCR, ...)
Kontributor: (Wikisource users who uploaded the text)
Tingkat kemajuan: progress description and icon
Catatan: notes about the text
Penguji baca: (Wikisource users who checked the text)

To use the textinfo template copy/paste the following line and fill in the informations as indicated (do not remove "Textinfo" or any of the "|"s, not even if some entries are empty):

  |edition      = original edition
  |source       = source (website, OCR, ...)
  |progress     = progress description and icon [[Image:XX%.svg]]
  |notes        = notes about the text
  |contributors = [[User:xxx|xxx]]
  |proofreaders = [[User:yyy|yyy]], [[User:zzz|zzz]]

The availability of text information is indicated at the text page by the template {{Edition}} (talk), which automatically creates a link to the talk page of the text.

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