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Use this template to insert a fixed width gap in inline text. The default is 2em.

For example,


yields "Hello world!"

If no argument is given, the default is 2em:


yields "Hello world!"

For a real example of it in use, see Page:An introduction to physiological and systematical botany (1st edition).djvu/542.

Deprecated or incorrect usage[sunting]

Please note: This template is not intended to produce a formatting preference, such as indented paragraphs or double spacing after full stops (periods).


Indentation can be produced with a div style using a CSS command like "text-indent:2em". {{gap}} shouldn't be used to indent the first line of a paragraph

Offsetting right-aligned text[sunting]

Please do not use a construction like

{{right|This is incorrect{{gap}} }}

{{Right}} has a parameter "offset" for this:

{{right|This is correct|offset=2em}}