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<poem> lcr-k-dai' ' , to keep a shop. o'ranj ber-k-dai', shopkeeper. k-dal', a skin disease causing white patches on the hands and feet, sometimes described as a form of leprosy. Of. kusta. k-daig', m-ty-daty', to stretch out (the hands). k-dar' and ka'dar (Ar.), quan- tity, measure, proportion, ex- tent, amount. d'tyan k-dar' -rya, proportion- ately. s-k-dar', in proportion to, to the extent of. k-dut', a wrinkle, crease. Cf. kchut SLTidkrut. ke'chek, persuasive, coaxing, im- portunate. ke'chi (Eng., ketch), a small sailing vessel. ke'ju (Port.), cheese. ke'laig, a pair of rollers, hence a roller mill for sugar, tapioca, etc. ke'Iek, to carry under the arm. ke'long, fishing-stakes; see also Uat. ken'doig, m-ryen'dory, to carry in a fold of one's clothes. Cf. kandorg. ke'peig, a small coin. ker'bau, buffalo. ker'chut, reed grass. ker'ja (Sk.), work, employment, business, festivities. b-ker'ja, to work, be engaged in business or in festivities. ker'ja-kan, to carry out, accom- plish, execute; to hold fes- tivities or perform cere- monies for a person (as mar- riage, circumcision or a funeral) ; to murder by com- mand of a raja, execute. p-ker'ja'an, work, occupation, action ker'liig, m-rger'lirg, to look out of the corners of the eyes, give a sidelong glance. ker'na (Sk. karana) (140), be- cause, for, owing to. Cf. sbab. ker'sek, coarse sand; also krisek. Cf. pasir. ker'tak, kcr'tak gi'gi, to grind the teeth. ker'tas (Ar.), paper. ker'tas km-barg' and ker'tas lap', blotting paper. ke'sah (Ar.), tale, story, nar- rative. al-ke'sah (133), a punctuation word. kha'bar (Ar.) (155, 159), news, tidings, information, know- ledge of fact. Cf. brita and iccrta. kha'bar a'rgin, unreliable in- formation, false rumours. kha'bar ba'ik, good news. a' pa kha'bar, what is the news? the usual Malay salutation, the reply to which is, khabar baik. su'rat kha'bar, newspaper. Cf. akhbar. ti-a'da kha'bar a'kan di'ri-n/a, in a state of unconsciousness. kha'bar-kan, to relate, narrate, inform. Cf. bri tahu. kha'dim (Ar.), servant, attend- ant. kha-la'si (Pers.), sailor. kha-la'yak (Ar. khala'ik), cre- atures, created things.