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Index pages and the workspace[sunting]

An "index page" (or "index file") is a page within the Index namespace. The Index namespace is the focus of the "workspace" in which proofreading and transcription take place. Each index page represent one work to be transcribed. Index pages have page lists, giving a numbered link for each page in the work. These links link to pages in the Page namespace (the other part of the workspace). The page titles of the Index and Page namespace pages will be the same.

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Usually an index page is based on a file, either DjVu or PDF, but it can also be created manually from image files such as JPEG, PNG etc. When based on a single file, the page title of the index page must match the title of the file.

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In addition to the page list, index pages also hold metadata for the work, such as title, author, year of publication etc. This information is useful for reference and it can be used by the final work in the main namespace.