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This is a Wikisource project reference page (part of the "Wikisource:" project namespace).

The list of available Wikisource shortcuts can be found at Wikisource:Daftar jalan pintas.

What is a Wikisource shortcut?[sunting]

"Shortcuts" in Wikisource are a specialized type of redirection page (see Wikipedia:Redirect and w:meta:Help:Redirect) that can be used to get to a Wikisource project reference page more quickly.

Wikisource shortcut policy[sunting]

Reserved for Wikisource project reference pages (WS: namespace) only.

Adding shortcut link boxes[sunting]

A shortcut link box (the "shortcut template") is added to the entry source ("Editing" page) using {{Shortcut|[[WS:<x>]]}}.
For example, placing the shortcut template and substituting SHORT for <X> gives:

Jalan pintas: