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This an index of pages related to the community.


Pranala Deskripsi
Scriptorium The central discussion page, used for any discussion that doesn't fit elsewhere.
Administrator's noticeboard The central administrator discussion page.

Requests and proposals[sunting]

Pranala Deskripsi
Bot requests Request that a bot perform a given task.
Possible copyright violations Report possible copyright violations (note that proven copyright violations may be deleted immediately).
Proposed deletions Propose that a page be deleted or restored.
Protection requests Request protection and un-protection of texts.
Requests for assistance Request assistance with editorial tasks, ask editorial questions, or look for users with a particular printed text.


Pranala Deskripsi
Administrators List of administrators, occasionally host of requests for adminship.
Community portal A portal to various community-related tasks, current events and discussions, and links to helpful pages.
News Articles written about recent goings on at Wikisource.
Wikiprojects Explains the idea of collaborative projects, and lists current WikiProjects.