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<poem> k-lur'ga (Sk.), relationship, re- lated to, a relative. kaum' k-lur'ga, relations, fa- mily. k-ma'la, mythical jewels sup- posed to have magic qua- lities; usually gmala. k-man'tin (B.), bride = prgantin prempuan. k-ma'rau, dry, without water. mu'sim k-ma'rau, the dry sea- son. k-ma'rin, yesterday; see klma- rin. k-mas', ber-k-mas' ' , to pack up, stow away. Ic-mas'Tcan, to pack things up. km-ba'Ii, again, over again, back again; to return. Cf. balek and pularg. km-ba'li k^rali'mat Al'lah, to die. km-ba'li-kan, to restore, give back, return. km-barg', ber-km-barg' ', to spread, spread out, expand, open (as liquids in absorbent material, a dry sponge when soaked in water, or a flower from the bud). ker'tas km-barg', blotting paper. km-barg' kan, to spread out (as a bird spreads its wings). km'bar, ber-km'bar, twins; in pairs, in triplets. a'nak km'bar, twins. ta'li km'bar ii'ga> a threefold cord. km-ba'ri, to pair with or against (in single combat). km-ba'ra, m-rgm-ba'ra, to wan- der about. km-bi'ri and k-bi'ri, mutilated, castrated. Cf. kasim. a' yam km-bi'ri, a capon. km'b-li, baize, rough woollen material such as blankets aro made of. km-bo'ja (Sk.), the name of a tree with sweet-scented ilow- ers : also kamboja. km'borg, to swell; swollen. km'di-an, afterwards. km'di-an de-ri-pa'da, after (prep.}. Cf. Ipas. km'di-an de-ri-pa'da i'tu, after that. k-me'ja (Port.), shirt. k'mn-iyan, benzoin, used as in- cense by the Malays. km'pas, a hard-wood tree. km'pis, deflated, collapsed (as a bicycle tyre). k-mu'di, rudder. ju-ru-mu'di, steersman, quar- ter-master. k-mun'chak, top. apex, summit (of masts, roofs, hills, etc.). k-mu'nirg, a tree with wood similar to boxwood, heaving sweet-scented flowers. k'na, m-rg'na (77), to hit a mark, get, incur, as in the following phrases : k'na dn'da, to be fined. k'na fit'nah, to be slandered. k'na liu'jan, to get wet in the rain. k'na hu'kum, to get punished. k'na lu'ka, to get a wound. k'na ma'lu. to be disgraced. k'na pu'kol, to get beaten. k'na rit'gi, to incur loss. k'na sa'kit, to fall sick. k'na sek'sa, to get punished. k'na ti'kam, to be stabbed. k'na -kan, to apply, put on (as clothes, plasters or anything externally applied) .